IDYLLA™ KRAS mutation test

2015-08-11 13:58:43

The Idylla™ KRAS Mutation Test is the first CE IVD test available for routine use that detects all of the relevant driver mutations of the KRAS oncogene in tissue of colorectal cancers (CRC) at a sensitivity of 5% as recommended according to ESMO1, NCCN2, and the recently issued CAP/AMP/ASCO draft guidelines3.

Unique to the Idylla™ KRAS Mutation Test is its ability to detect all relevant mutations in exon 2 (codons 12 and 13), exon 3 (codons 59 and 61) and exon 4 (codons 117 and 146). Idylla™ KRAS Mutation Test is easy to implement and highly standardized.

  • Directly from FFPE tissue
  • Less than 2’ hands-on-time and approx. 2h total turnaround time
  • Detection of 21 mutations in KRAS exon 2, 3 and 4

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Jukka Puomio
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